Before joining Free Music 123 you must abide to these rules :

  1. You must have an English Language Music site to join. Any site with musical contents may join.
  2. You must add the html code we will give you to your site. It's only this way you can get hits IN and be ranked on our Top Sites.
  3. Multiple accounts (subscriptions) for the same site is strictly forbidden. Only one account per site is allowed.
  4. Sites that do not send at least 1 hit in within 2 days will be removed.
  5. You need to send in a minimum of 1 hit within 24 hours to be listed.
  6. All sites may have their button displayed on the category ranking pages.
    Your button should be sized 88 by 31 pixels and be less than 5 KB.
  7. All hits IN you will send to Free Music 123 should be the result of a VALID visitor clicking on one of our links from your site. Spamming, newsgroups, IRC, ICQ, ... are not allowed.
  8. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHEATERS. Any site that is found cheating (using artificial ways to generate hits IN) will be removed immediately from the Free Music 123 Rankings. We guarantee we will find cheaters, so do not do it.
  9. These rules are subject to change without notice.
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